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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Approaching Easter is one of our newest lenten titles. It's a gorgeous book, incorporating lyrical prose, masterpiece artwork, Scripture, and inspiring quotes to highlight the beauty of this time of the liturgical year and discuss the many ways in which we can appreciate such an incredible gift.

Here's a great quote from the book:

The history of how and why Jesus died on the cross is at least partly an analysis of what we all do to one another when we are controlled by fear, or greed, or love of power, or too much love of ourselves. At every turn, Jesus challenges us to be brave enough to step out of our self-made prisons and turn toward the source of life and freedom....

Jesus taught that the only life worth having is a life shared with others, a life that brings challenging freedom to everyone.

Approaching Easter, pp. 6-7

Treat yourself to a beautiful and rewarding companion that will accompany you throughout these days of grace.

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