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Monday, March 17, 2008

Holy Week

Blessings and prayers as we enter the holiest week of the year.

"The Christian story is that Jesus chose to leave heaven and share our lives on earth, and at every stage of that sharing, he gave up some part of what could be seen as the real nature of divinity. He gave up rule and authority and security and dispassion, and chose to extinguish himself so as to identify completely with us.

"Most of us will, out of love, give away something of ourselves and take risks for the people we love. But because what Jesus gives up on the cross is the life of God, that whole huge creative, dynamic power that brings the world into being, as he gives it up, he releases it. It is no longer bound up in him. It is available to be shared. And this is what Easter celebrates."
--Approaching Easter, p. 69

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