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Thursday, March 6, 2008

More great lenten titles on sale

The Jesus Garden: An Easter Legend

Masterfully weaves best-loved legends surrounding the Lord's death and resurrection into a story children will never forget. Soft, lovely illustrations.

Hardcover, 48 pages
Regularly priced: $14.95

On sale now: $9.95

Lent: An Uncommon Love Story

By well-known author Antoinette Bosco, this book reflects on how the season of Lent mirrors certain "seasons" in our own lives. Specifically, it deals with the question of personal darkness and how Lent is the promise that love will always conquer despair.

Paperback, 111 pages
Regularly priced: $11.95

On sale now: $8.95

The Power of Small Choices: A Creative Approach to Your Lenten Journey

(Explores the themes of two powerful films--The Shawshank Redemption and Babette's Feast--and how these relate to the human ability to make life-affirming choices.)

Paperback, 245 pages
Regularly priced: $14.95

On sale now: $7.95

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