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Friday, March 14, 2008

Windows into Heaven

Last evening, March 13th, we had Fr. James Graham, Melkite Greek Catholic priest and Dr. Ruth Ohm, professor at St. Patrick's Seminary, for a truly inspiring presentation on the Spirituality of Icons. Our guests were a lively and participative audience, interjecting personal anecdotes and questions. Our lecture space became a mini-icon chapel as we were surrounded by holy images of Christ, his mother Mary, and the saints. These icons served both to illustrate the points being discussed and then allowed for an actual prayer experience. We were each invited to choose an icon to stand before, quieting our hearts and minds and contemplating the image, even allowing ourselves to be drawn inwardly toward the mystery being represented therein.

Lovely images of ancient and new Monasteries & Churches were made possible through PowerPoint and further enhanced our experience. New friends were made among Greek Orthodox and Eastern Catholic participants. Several remarked that it had been a truly inspiring presentation and many chose to purchase prints of the icons which Fr. Graham made available to us.

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