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Friday, February 27, 2009

Presentation for School Children on St. Paul

This is just too cute not to share! Sr. Susan James recently gave a presentation on Paul for 6th graders at Our Lady of Grace School in Castro Valley.

Well, they were certainly attentive during her presentation, as their thank-you notes demonstrate. Here are a few excerpts from the notes for your reading pleasure:

Dear Sister Susan,
"...I really liked learning about [Paul] because his life is full of adventures. I especially love the part when Jesus talks to him and tells him to change. His reaction to what he saw was so amazing that I felt like I was there...."

"I was interested at how long St. Paul lived. I thought that 40-49AD was an early dying time. I mean at a time where people didn't live that long. I will try to do more of the three things you told us about in class. One, to get more serious with my relationship with God. Two, to read the bible more. Last but not least, to be one with my community parish. To be kinder and have kinder actons."

"My favorite part was when St. Paul went to all the countries and preached. That must have taken like 6 months or something like that. It was cool how he got back to preaching right after he was stoned. God probably gave him the strength to do all of that stuff. How did he do all of that stuff when he was blind? Oh, God probably gave him the strength to do all of that stuff."

"My favorite part was when Paul saw the light of Jesus.... You have inspired me so much, Sister Susan. Thank you again for coming to our school to share with us the wonderful story of St. Paul!!!"

Needless to say, Sr. Susan has received a standing invitation to return to the school anytime!

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