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Monday, August 31, 2009

From Russia to Redwood City

Our Pauline community in Redwood City was reinforced recently with the arrival of Sr. Mary Leonora Wilson, as she transferred from our Russian mission community in Moscow back to the USA Province.

Sr. M. Leonora has been serving outside her homeland for almost 26 years (18 years in Germany and 8 years in Russia).

She received a warm, heartfelt welcome from the Sisters in Redwood City and is looking forward to meeting the many friends of our Pauline community as she joins her talents and energies with the gifts of so many others so that the Word of God and His Love “may speed on and triumph”!

There will be new challenges and new joys as Sister begins evangelizing on “home soil” once again.

Please join us in welcoming Sr. Leonora to the Bay area--a wonderful Pauline mission field!

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