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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Elaine & Sue: Meet Two Faithful Customers

What first brought you to Pauline Books & Media?

Elaine: I heard that there was a Catholic book store on Broadway and was interested in checking it out and supporting them. I was excited to have a bookstore so close to me where I could go and get Catholic books, and not have to drive all the way to San Jose. The bookstore is definitely a Godsend.

Sue: I used to visit the store only around Christmas time to get gifts for my family. More recently, I discovered the chapel inside the bookstore and started going there regularly to pray. There’s a notebook inside the chapel where you can write your intentions, as the sisters pray for our intentions daily. I used to write very lengthy and verbose intentions (actually, I still do), and I’m sure that’s how the sisters first came to know me.

What particular events or activities do you take part in here at the Center? What would you say to someone who is thinking about participating?

Elaine: I go there to shop, participate in Faith and Film Nights, and the Saints Book Club. Being part of the book club has made me read books that I never would have read before. We learn about the great saints of our Church, and find out that they are regular human beings that just happened to do great things. I also go to the bookstore to visit the chapel; the Blessed Sacrament is present in the tabernacle, and it’s a peaceful place to go and pray. It’s a great place to hang out and volunteer and I encourage people to come here to find out more about the Catholic faith. I’ve met many wonderful people there.
Sue: I partake in Faith and Film nights, attend guest speaker events, and am about to attend my first Saints Book Club gathering in December. I also help out as needed, either at the book center or at the book exhibits. I would encourage anyone to just jump into one of the activities and see if its for you - that’s what I did. And if you have any questions about the activities, I would encourage people to come visit the book center, and talk to any of the sisters or staff, or Elaine and me.

What keeps you coming back?

Elaine: The great love of the Daughters of St. Paul keeps me coming back. They are great role models and friends and the book center is like a home away from home. We’re so blessed to have such a comprehensive bookstore right in our backyard. The Daughters of St. Paul are international, with book centers all around the world, and they were previously in a location in San Francisco, before they moved here to Redwood City.

Sue: The book center has such a wide selection of things to buy, whether for myself, my family and friends, or my godchildren. Over time, I’ve developed a relationship with the sisters and the staff, and its their open hearts and wisdom that keep me going back. I’ve learned so much just talking to the sisters, and exploring all the resources that the book center has to offer. Its also inspiring to see so many people that come to the book center or to the exhibits with a strong desire to increase their faith. I remember one instance where a woman was so thrilled to see that Spanish books, CDs and DVDs were available. “We’re hungry for this” she remarked, adding that it was difficult to find Spanish religious materials.

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Anonymous said...

What great endorsements. Everything these two women said pertains to me. I completely agree with what they said. I'm also involved in the Catholic Fiction Book Club and have learned alot about my faith from the sisters and the books we read. This is a home away from home. monica castillon